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registered Small-Framed
Texas longhorn cattle

About the Owners

Eric Redeker was born and raised outside Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He graduated high school from the Episcopal Academy in 1990 and then moved to College Station, Texas where he attended Texas A&M University. In 1995 he earned his B.S. degree in Forest Science and then in 1998 earned his M.S. in Rangeland Ecology and Management from A&M. In 1998 he accepted a Research Scientist appointment with the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute (CKWRI) of Texas A&M University - Kingsville. Eric's responsibilities at CKWRI are quite diverse. He is primarily the Director of the Wildlife Research Technologies Laboratory, a laboratory that supports all of the technology and mapping needs of CKWRI. Additionally, he is responsible for information technology oversight / support, technology procurement, server support, web mastering, physical security, printing, teaching and whatever else needs to get done. In 2002 he founded Landitude Incorporated, which is a mapping and ranch consulting company. In 2009 he along with Justinn Jones and Brent Hoffman founded Landitude Outfitters LLC, which is going to be a hunting supply store serving Kingsville and the surrounding areas. Landitude Outfitters is still seeking startup funds but will eventually fill an important niche in South Texas.

Anna Redeker was born and raised in Lewisville Texas. She graduated from Lewisville high school in 1991 and then moved to College Station, Texas where she attended Texas A&M University. In 1996 she earned her B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Management and then went on to work as a professional Veterinary Technician with Wellborn Road Veterinary Hospital. She moved down to South Texas with Eric in 1998 when he took his position with CKWRI. Sortly after arriving in South Texas she took a full-time Veterinary Technician position with the Kingsville Animal Medical Clinic, where she currently works. In addition to veterinary work, Anna is also actively involved in wildlife rehabilitation and animal rescue. Since arriving in South Texas, she has rescued over 200 dogs and cats from certain death and placed them in loving homes. Currently she and Eric have refocused their animal rescue efforts on American Pitbull Terriers due to the loving nature of these animals and the fact that so many shelters refuse to help these abused animals.

Eric and Anna got married in 1993 after meeting in an Ecology class up at Texas A&M University.

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