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registered Small-Framed
Texas longhorn cattle

Other Breeders of Registered Miniature Texas Longhorns


Members of The Miniature Texas Longhorn Breeder Group



BRY Longhorn Chutes

The Dube Chute

End of Trail Ranch Longhorn Chutes

L&H Branding Irons

Mazuri Llama feed

McCoy's Building Supply Ranch Division

Mini Cattle Supply

P&C Longhorn Cage

Powder River Longhorn Chutes

Priefert Ranch Equipment

Purina Mills

W-W Longhorn Chutes


Breeders of Guard Animals

Figment Ranch

The Figment Ranch produces and sells some of the best show, pack and guard Llamas in the country. Ruby, Robin or Sean would love to hear from you - be sure to tell them that you were referred by the Vertically Challenged Cattle Company.



The Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

The Caesar Kelberg Wildlife Research Institute of Texas A&M University Kingsville is the leading wildlife research organization in Texas.

South Texas Natives

A division of The Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute that develops and promotes native plants for restoration and reclamation of habitats on private and public lands.

South Texas Wintering Birds

A division of The Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute that monitors wintering bird activity in South Texas.

The Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch

A non-profit ranch dedicated to researching quail and quail habitat in the Rolling Plains of Texas.


Landowner Assistance

Landitude Incorporated is the premier ranch / wildlife consulting and mapping company in South Texas. They work primarily in Texas but have clients all over the United States and Mexico.

Audubon Texas Quail & Grassland Bird Initiative

A program dedicated to helping land managers manage quail and other grassland birds.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Natural Resources Conservation Service


Landowner Associations

International Texas Longhorn Association

Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association

Texas Wildlife Association

South Texans' Property Rights Association

Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association


Lending and Finance

Capital Farm Credit

Capital Farm Credit provided the financing for our property - they have been an absolute joy to work with. As a result, we highly reccomend this company!


Web Hosting

Lunarpages Web Hosting

We have been using Lunarpages web hosting for over six years and have been very pleased with the value, support, performance and lack of down time. If you are looking for a low-cost / reliable web host these people are hard to beat. Please be sure to tell them that you were referred by Eric Redeker.





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